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Author's design

The author’s approach is, first of all, the ability to maintain balance and proportionality when mixing elements from different directions in design. For the finished result to be a complete, “intelligible”, harmoniously flawless composition, experience with historical samples is required. Our studio offers interior design based on the principles of harmony, proportionality and necessary sufficiency.

We will express the wishes of the customer in the original idea, we will introduce elements into the premises that will connect the interior with the palace and museum prototypes and will be able to make the space unusual. We will also carry out decoration according to the project - we have our own stucco workshop, and artists with specialized education work in the studio.

Author's interior design

Turning to us, you get services from professionals who know how to visually adjust the headroom of the premises, to give it originality without redundancy. Author's interior design in Moscow is a “piece” work that we do not replicate and do not offer others the same ideas. In cooperation, confidentiality is strictly respected: we publish ready-made examples only with the written consent of the customer. One of the differences in the approach to working with the author's style in interior design is personalization: the artist regularly interacts with the customer, subtly feels and captures his explicit and hidden architectural desires; constant monitoring of all changes in the process of styling the interior of the room; adjustment and implementation of current tasks if the customer changes his mind. Our team takes into account all the needs of the client and implements the planned tasks down to the smallest detail. According to the results of the author’s design project, you can be sure that your project is so unique that it will not be offered or repeated anywhere when interacting with other customers. And you were not offered one of the typical model patterns, the style of the room remains elitist and individual. The artist is similar to the psychologist-analyst, through the established connection with the client, revealing his true desires deep inside the person. The author’s interior design through the harmony of the whole and design details conveys the original spirit of the mansion or the interior of the apartment, which conveys the subtleties of the worldview of the landlord. This principle of careful design, the foundation lying under competent experience, allows us to find the necessary tools and materials for luxury design. To transform the old world, creating an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, worthy only for connoisseurs of the highest - this is our task, and our team has successfully coped with this for many years. The author’s design of the house will be worthy to be discussed not only by your esteemed guests, but even by your ancestors, if you preserve its original appearance with dignity. The paintings depicted on the walls, patterned stucco molding, gilding on furniture, even the author's ceilings in the hall - observers of this elite aesthetics will certainly be delighted. “A man must build a house in his life,” says ancient wisdom. In a modern way, this phraseological unit should most likely be interpreted as a duty to oneself and one's family to properly decorate and stylistically decorate one's home.

The advantages of author design over a standard project

Choosing an author’s methodology, you get a number of advantages:

  • Individual solutions. No similar drawings will be used after your unique design. The project is only yours and will remain yours, taking into account all the ideas used. A house or apartment will look like a separate painting, guarded like a museum exhibit.
  • Professionalism of employees. Only masters of their craft with the proper level of knowledge, skills, and experience will be allowed to work with VIP projects. Our team worked both with innovative trends and with classic design approaches.
  • Careful thoughtfulness. Even minor interior details are worked out with jewelry precision. This is an indicator of a decent taste in art, because the client has to live for years in one space, so it must be visually complex, and, nevertheless, there must be a holistic harmony in everything.
  • The symbiosis of the physical and mental. This will be not just a chic design, but a reflection of the inner world of the inhabitants of the room, the embodiment of wishes in precisely calibrated proportions, color schemes, lighting and geometry of the lines. As well as maximum comfort.

        This design project for a new living space will drag you head over heels. You will be happy to follow and design with your designer the house of your dreams up to the texture of the curtains. After your approval of the preliminary plan, the necessary drawings will appear. In the absence of such a visualization of the project, no repairs will be started. Next, we carry out supervision of our project as the work progresses.

        The author's design a priori excludes the possibility of copying other people's ideological constructs; it is from scratch that a theoretical and empirical system is created at the same time. Today, the client may not be satisfied with even the most aesthetic forms, it should be an original, eclectic style that strikes the imagination. The designer will be faced with the task: to create something unlike anything that would satisfy the tastes of the customer, kept up with his lifestyle. We can help those who want uniqueness and exclusivity, and add that we are not less than all interested in the successful completion of the project.

Creation of author's interior design

The artist-designer, combining the principles of ergonomics, historically time-tested fashion trends, as well as personal visions of the client, will create the perfect author's interior. We can familiarize you with the following suggestions:

  • VIP service
  • Perfect decoration of the premises after creating an author's interior design project
  • Approval of a forced redevelopment
  • Search for suitable materials, tools and equipment
  • Inexhaustible number of varieties of component solutions
  • Variety of style solutions

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