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Decorative wall painting in the interior, the cost of painting in Moscow

Since time immemorial, mankind has known the technique of wall painting. The oldest image known to man is in the cave of Sulawesi in Indonesia, its age is about 39,000 years. It depicts a handprint. In ancient times, people decorated their house with drawings with the belief that they drive away evil spirits, bring happiness and good luck. The most valuable contribution to the development of wall painting was made by the masters of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In Greek Pompeii, the masters painted the walls with hot paints, coated on top with an emulsion based on wax - this technique allowed the drawings to survive for thousands of years. In the modern world, decorative wall painting is popular among both apartment owners and country houses. The painting is able to form a unique style of the room, to organize the space in a new way, becoming the central place of attraction for guests. Techniques are classic and contemporary. Traditional types include: fresco (paints are applied to raw plaster), alsecco (dry plaster), encaustic (soft wax paints are applied to dry plaster), sgrafitto (scratching several layers of plaster of different colors). Classic techniques are rarely used.

Modern types of decorative painting:

  1. Acrylic painting (based on acrylic resins) is the most common method. Acrylic is well applied and dries quickly, does not smell. Paints are distinguished by brightness, elasticity, durability, resistance to fading. The image is not afraid of moisture, it can be washed;
  2. Grisaille - the image is made in different shades of the same color. The drawing is realistic, sculptural. It is made with a thin hard brush;
  3. Painting on decorative plaster. Create volumetric drawings, perspectives with a high degree of realism;
  4. Painting with fluorescent paints that glow in the dark;

Visual effects applied in decorative wall paintings:

  • Imitation. The painting imitates various textures - stucco, wood, stone;
  • Blende. In a house with irregular geometry, due to the perspective, the space of the room increases in height and expands.

Materials and painting techniques are selected based on the task of the customer and the expected results.

Decorative wall painting in the interior

Particular attention must be paid to preparing the surface for painting. The wall is repaired from cracks and indentations, cleaned of the old coating. Then the wall is primed and plastered on several layers, sanded and cleaned of dust. At the end, an acrylic primer is applied to improve adhesion to the paint and prevent shedding. It is important that the painting style is combined with the interior of the room. Perspective images will add small space and volume to a small room. The kitchen will look good still lifes and plant motifs. The bedroom is combined with neutral images, the starry sky. In a room with a classic style, it would be reasonable to depict landscape, architectural forms or lush vegetation. Stories from fairy tales and cartoons will perfectly fit into the nursery. The wall image can be framed with moldings to create a picture effect. When the style and future place of the drawing are determined, the necessary materials for painting are selected - brushes and paints. Then the contour of the image is drawn: first, large elements are indicated, then complemented by small ones. Painting is carried out from light tones to dark. After drying, the image is coated with wear-resistant varnish.


Angular lines are not welcomed in this painting style; their characteristic features are smoothness and roundness. However, this does not exclude their presence in your interior. Corner lines have a right to exist, but minimize their availability. Another side of the Art Nouveau style speaks of asymmetry. It is present in everything, and this crown chip strikes with the grace and ease of reflective forms. Interior materials - natural breeds and colors: stone, wood, stained glass, quality fabrics.


If you want to transform your home space into a semblance of a comfortable museum or a manor of past centuries, then this painting style will definitely raise your guests' surprised-enthusiastic eyebrow. Ideally, this should be a spacious room with a high ceiling, but now this is an insignificant requirement. Each element is a work of art handmade. High-quality materials of the first class will retain the original look of the interior for many years, and everyone will like the antique style features.


Excesses in the face of curved elements of painting, rich decoration, paintings on the walls, massive textiles - the house should look so that any king wants to stay in it. Perfectly combine green and gold colors, the color of wine with sky blue, white with gold or blue. Walls and furniture are “stretched” up, the vertical dominates the horizontal. As in classicism, from materials - silk, wood, stone.


It would seem that it looks pompous baroque style? It is this style, in the original language, that designates imperial ambitions and tastes. For officials and successful businessmen, the empire style is able not only to decorate a residential and hospitable space, but to demonstrate their investments in the sensations of the interior. Any mortal can now feel the pathos hedonistic luxury, adding over time the necessary notes of style.


Helical twisting, complex curls of the mural style resemble a shell pattern, from this the name. Convex frames give the rooms an aristocratic look, and their complexity will not cease to attract attention and enjoy the look of aesthetics. The theme of the patterns — vegetation, angels, shell-like fractals — will remind you of the paradise nature of your life. Updating the interior in this style as a whole will be expensive, but you will get a unique elegance.


Most of the people dream of the space of the house, pierced by sunlight and the smell of the sea. Can't hear the waves outside the window? But you can maximally fill the house with the plots of the Greek islands or Italian coastal associations. Light color motifs of the painting should contrast with something bright, blue, green, juicy. On the walls you can depict a marine theme or a mountain landscape - you yourself choose the image of the world in which you will live, and the artist can suggest a wise decision.


If you like a combination of different intercultural symbolic codes, then the famous Moroccan style of painting will definitely come into harmony with you. Hundreds of diverse ethnic groups live in Morocco, and the country, having assimilated cultural practices and traditions, became famous by creating this mix. Ethnic motifs, colorfully combining in a modern style, will give the house a hot summer atmosphere even in the cool seasons.


Under this term, decorative styles of different countries and eras are combined. For example, the Arabic style highly values wood and its shades, as this material was highly valued at one time, and wood, along with gold, demonstrated the social status of the owner. Or the Japanese style is distinguished by its minimalism and functionalism, where each piece of furniture should stand where it stands, and the wall decor, painting shows the wisdom and complexity of the transmitted meanings.

The cost of decorative wall painting

Varies according to the complexity of the case. Each such work is genetically unique, and your descendants will certainly appreciate and admire your choice of transforming reality. It’s easy to order the service: contact our team and you can make a wise choice of decorating your home decor with decorative wall paintings. Photos of the works can be rated below.

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