Design in classic style

Classicism in architecture and interior design realized by proportions and forms which close to authentic but with a little «change» according to late baroque. This is one of the most harmonious and visually effective schools. It based on solemn symmetry, harmonious balance of spatial lines and decorative elements. Classic interiors are distinguished by quality and naturalness of used materials:

  • abundance of stucco work (ceiling design in classic style is almost impossible without it), Roman-Greek sculpture, bas-reliefs;
  • painting on the walls, ledges, ceilings on the mythological theme, landscapes, trompe-l’œil (optical illusion);
  • braid gold, brass leaf, incrustations, boiserie (wood painting) and so on.
Interior design classic living room painted in gold, stucco walls and ceiling rosettes
Classic living room with gold painting, stucco work on the walls and ceiling rosaces

A lot of those who loves classic style in its original palaces and museum like realization faces the problem when try to realize such interior design. Professional help in necessary to make it according to traditions, not heavy but visually and ergonomically comfortable.

Designers of our studio will prepare classicism, provence, baroque, empire style project. They reinforce field-specific education with experience of working on architectural monuments during restoration, familiarization with technologies and techniques of the past on original examples all over the world. We collected our own stucco work base in which there are true historical forms.

Interior design bedroom with almaney painted doors, faux

We will implement bedroom classic-style design, design the main hall and business space. Staff of our studio will make décor so its every element will harmoniously relate with others. The result of designers’— work is proportional and correct interior which is made by those who really understands it.

We will implement bedroom classic-style design, design the main hall and business space
Added 16.08.17