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Harmonious, underlining status and level interior starts with correctly planed design-project. Everything should be taken into account: customers taste and wishes, historical «foundation» of the chosen style, proportional balance of decoration techniques and elements. That’s why it’s necessary to entrust original, complex, multi-component, custom made— interior— design projects to professionals with real experience. It’s possible to carry into customer’s living space harmony of the elements from authentic examples of styles only when you saw how they «gather» in a single space.

Interior design-project

Designers and decorators of our studio are specialists with field-specialized art education which is supported by 20 years of exploration, collection of technologies and visual techniques in museums and palaces all over the world. We work a little on restorations of old monuments. We made about 40 projects in privet villas and manors. Interior design that we provide is distinguished by :

  • complex approach: our studio staff&mdash ( designers, artists, sculptors, gilders) make all the works from project up to space decoration;
  • wide spread&mdash . We work in Russia, European and CIS countries;
  • wide range of services. We are familiar with lots of techniques from illusory and Alfresco painting up to brass leaf and leaf-gold décor.

Classic style and similar schools in which we specialize— it’s, first of all, harmony of decorative elements. We don’t put too much things, observe principles of proportionality and art relevance. Contact us— to order interior design. Contacts are on the site. Staff would answer your questions and tell you everything about studio’s services and opportunities. 

Harmonious, underlining status and level interior starts with correctly planed design-project
Added 16.08.17