Stucco on the walls and picturesque decoration

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    Living room with decorative stove with tiles
    Living room interior with decorative painting
    Alfray painting and stucco in the living room
    Inlaid parquet in the living room
    Stucco ceiling and light fixtures in the living room
    Luxurious interior in Empire style
    Decoration furniture and interior in Empire style
    Decorative elements of the antique style in your living room
    Mirror symmetry of decorating your living room in Empire style
    A fireplace in the interior of the Empire style
    Chic Moroccan-style living room
    The painting was made in light beige colors and wonderful contrasts with the dark walls and ceiling
    Lamps and ceiling decoration living room in Moroccan style
    Mirror in carved frame, finely inlaid and gives the living room a palatial grandeur of the middle ages
    Office in a historic building with classic decor
    Administrative office with classic decor elements
    Family restaurant in the Renaissance style
    Restaurant in the style of the Italian Renaissance
    The Cabinet in the Empire style with distinctive furnishings
    The Cabinet in the Empire style and blue color

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