Elite stucco molding

Concept of elitism means refuse to patterned, averaged solutions in favor of personal approach, using objects which is made in a single copy. Such interiors are distinguished by handmade finishing and careful «fitting&raqu; of the room according to owner’s tastes and mood. When selected era is re-establishing with its decorative elements in the room, the task is getting harder. To be called elite stucco work should copy prototypes to the smallest details, be historically reliable visually and «be enough» in quantitative terms.

Poor density or, rather, congestion of the room wouldn’t give required harmony. Elite stucco work from our catalogue — is proportionality and authenticity, observance of principles of balance and relevance. We make models according to original historical forms which we collected for years of participation in restoration of architectural monuments. You work with professionals when you choose us. We know how to make details correctly, how to put them in composition which is perfect in style terms and how to express costumer’s wishes visually.  

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    Blue bedroom Empire style with various Seating areas
    A four-poster bed in the interior bedroom in the Empire style
    Office in a historic building with classic decor
    Administrative office with classic decor elements
    The mosaics and the fresco in the interior of the dressing room
    Eclecticism in the design of the dressing room
    Family restaurant in the Renaissance style
    Restaurant in the style of the Italian Renaissance
    Living room with decorative stove with tiles
    Living room interior with decorative painting
    Alfray painting and stucco in the living room
    Inlaid parquet in the living room
    Stucco ceiling and light fixtures in the living room
    Bedroom neoclassical color Burgundy
    Handmade furniture with gilding and decorative details
    Gorgeous Drapes in the bedroom neoclassical
    Burgundy color in the decoration of the bedrooms in neoclassical style

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Elite stucco work from our catalogue is proportionality and authenticity, respect for the principles of balance and relevance
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