Plaster pilasters

Pilasters are decorative vertical offsets on the walls in which there are base and column cap. They visually getting close to column because of this and fulfill the same functions — «set» pace, make the room symmetrical, divide the room into zones. Decorative pilasters &mdash is a way to make the room close antique, classicism and baroque which widely used visually «strong» elements. Our studio will help you to decorate interior by making it harmonious and balanced, rich without excessiveness.

Extensive experience including experience of restoration of historical monuments helps us to keep correctness of architectural forms, correctly form stucco work catalogue. Out plaster pilasters look authentic, carefully fit into the interior. It helps to underline its strong points  We use historical forms, knowledge of classic principles of symmetry, harmony and help customer to show his or her idea through décor. We keep balance of vertical and horizontal elements, angles and window decoration  while decorating the room. When you turn to us you turn to professionals, who know what they do and guarantee the result.

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Pilasters are decorative vertical offsets on the walls in which there are base and column cap
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