Stucco in the Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau style arose on the phase of changing from art eclecticism of XIX century to promising and innovative movements of XX century. Its followers created a new language of art in which natural and smoothed lines of decorative Art Nouveau— (French and German) — and severity of the constructive Austrian school are prevail. Stucco work are widely used in Art Nouveau. It’s necessary to keep in mind art school, historical age and even decade in which the room is stylized to make stucco work a harmonious emphasis in the interior.

Flourishing of decorative school is characterized by abundance of natural motifs— like water lilies, exotic plants with extended, smoothly curving stems, relief oval-shaped and «elongated» lattice ornament. Constructivism Art Nouveau is frequently used in elite interiors. It’s distinguished by severity and symmetry, horizontal ledges that «put rooms together» embrasures for windows and arches, vertical elements which set pace. Different variants of interior decorations with Art Nouveau stucco work are provided in our catalogue. Sculptors are inspired by historical prototypes and re-create them exactly in the room. 

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Sculptors are inspired by historical prototypes and re-create them exactly in the room.
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