Bathroom in light colors

The bathroom can be an ordinary place for taking water procedures. Even if the bathroom is decorated with unusual tile, it will not necessarily become an unusual one. But if you need exclusive, as a rule, non-ageing Classic rescues. This luxury bathroom differs not only with décor, it reflects the personal preferences of the owner, his desire to surround own life with beauty, sophisticated décor. And it did not matter for him: is it a bedroom, living room or bathroom. Living space should be comfortably beautiful and majestically cozy.

Richly decorated bathroom
The bathroom is decorated with gilded stucco moldings, marble, ornamental grisaille paintings and Florentine motifs

Historic Atmosphere

Modernity changes the human inner essence, affects his/her life, relationship with the surrounding world. Minimalism, which imposes its own priorities: bed + desk + computer chair + newest gadget + hygiene room with laconic sanitary ware, steals from the life refined coziness. Often even lager apartments and houses, like carbon copies, are repetitive because they do not have the iconic elements.

But the owner of the housing has decided not to follow modern conciseness. Love of beauty and luxury, and indeed love to life itself impelled him to spare of decoration. All rooms and bathroom in particular, are decorated using basic elements and principles of decoration of historic houses. Ornamental painting and mosaic, marble floors and gilded stucco moldings, palatial chandelier and pilasters in the bathroom have made it unforgettable.

Despite the fact that the primary colors are light, decorative elements have made the room grand and memorable at a time. This Interior cannot be described as trivial or theatrical fake. Everything is subordinated to the taste and sense of proportion, therefore, gilding is very fine, elements are drawn in with great mastery. Mosaic is performed so properly and realistically, that feeling of airspace appears.

Large bathroom with exclusive decor

Distinctive Classic-Style Features

Ornamental painting and gilded stucco moldings, door décor elements, large mirrors, laconic pilasters correspond to the selected style. Florentine décor of the marble floor accentuates the shape of the room, dilutes the solid color of marbles and remarkably complements the ceiling gilded stucco moldings.

Since ancient times, mosaic was used in decorating the walls of rich homes and palaces. Therefore, mosaic panels do not fall out of the overall canvas of decoration items. Color gamma echoes the panoramic murals in the toilet room, is in wonderful harmony with beige, golden, brown colors of décor and emphasizes the intended use of the “wet” zone.

Classic techniques: division of the walls on proportional fields, gilded stucco moldings, light color gamma of ornamental paintings have made the Interior light. It creates good mood for relaxation.

Bathroom with gilded stucco and mosaic
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Год 2010
Страна Moscow
Authors: Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Petrov
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