Cabinet in Attic Floor

It is always difficult to select decoration and furniture for rooms in attic floors. “Falling” walls, as a rule, small ceiling height become a problem. In view of this, decoration of the Classic-style cabinet was virtuoso play on strings of design mastery.

Broken Contour

Arrangement of the room in the attic floor is always a huge headache. It is one thing when decoration of bedrooms is required, where the décor can be turned into advantage by using textiles, small-height furniture. Quite another is a cabinet in the Classic style. In this case, the designers use “heavy artillery”: visual change of the perspective, the use of non-standard methods of furniture arrangement, lighting and color effects.

But this room can be put for complexity on the first place. Two walls are semi-trapezium-shaped, one is “falling” at all. And it was required not just to turn into advantage all this by using the decorative techniques, but also to arrange furniture and to bring the cabinet design into consistency with classical canons.

Classic Cabinet in the attic
Diagonal arrangement of furniture has allowed disguising structural defects of the room and has given the cabinet sophisticated delicacy

Transformation of Space Geometry

It was forced to set the rhythm of the main space basing on the geometry of the room. Considering that the classical Interior is characterized by strictness of shapes, logic principle of layout and geometric form of the Interior, it was necessary, above all, to “change” the shape of the room. But since physically it was impossible to do this, alignment of walls could significantly steal the living space, therefore, color, elements inherent in this style and mural paintings in the cabinet have been used.

Diagonal arrangement of furniture and parquet layout have allowed visually shifting the accents to make an idea of the size and shape of the room somewhat different. It may seem that complex-layout parquet is too colorful for the Classic style. But this was the choice of the customer. Since not always the clients agree with the arguments of the designers, it was forced to adapt some decoration solutions in accordance with this feature. The furniture has been chosen basing on the size of the room. Bookcases are arranged “stepwise”. The ceiling stucco moldings repeat this “step”, due to which composition of gilded décor has not been lost.

Office in the attic with the painting and classic elements
Complex configuration of the room was disguised by panoramic mural painting

It has been decided to turn the empty wall into advantage not by using ordinary paintings or other items of Interior, but mural paintings. This technique has given a double effect: it has given the room an extra Classic element and has served to create the perspective that disguises the shortcoming of the falling wall.

Decorative panels have separated the floors from the ceiling, thus have visually changed height. This has been facilitated also by the ceiling mural painting. Golden vignettes reflect light from chandeliers and scatter the enigmatic glare. A little about color. Green color of upholstered furniture, desktop décor and lamps and add color accents to beige and brown palette, predominating in the decoration of the cabinet.

Remarkable combination of different tones of brown, beige and green colors have created a harmonious space.

Classic style has “beaten” the shortcomings of the space, and as a result, a strict, but exemplary cabinet has been got from the room of complex configuration.

Diagonal arrangement of furniture has allowed disguising structural defects of the room and has given the cabinet sophisticated delicacy
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Год 2013
Страна Moscow
Authors: Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Petrov
Added 20.08.16