Decorative Techniques for Decoration of Swimming Pool

Each room or premises should be attractive and fit the selected design concept. Decoration of the swimming pool in houses decorated in classic styles of past centuries can include wall paintings, columns and other significant elements.

They are not just for decoration, but are able to change visual perception: to “pull out” the walls or “raise” the ceiling, in order to make the swimming pool magnificent, more attractive, and proportional.

Revival of Centuries-Old History

In order for high ceilings in the swimming pool would not visually load the room, the designers have introduced in the Interior twin columns made of grinded marble. The columns have special protective coating that prevents from destruction even at high humidity of the room, and it ensures their longevity. Combined with painting on the wide border, they change the proportions of the premises, make them festive and unique, because the theme of the painting and performance are so plausible and close to reality that sense of space is being lost. The main background of the painting echoes the mosaic color, gives unique balance and harmony.

Dual columns in decorating the pool
Decorative columns, mosaics and exquisite painting make the swimming pool unique and majestic.

Tile, repeating the pattern of columns and decorative frieze, underlines the selected style of the room, and the painting is essentially a continuation of the planned themes and visually raises the ceiling up. The ceiling finishing also contributes to it. Sense of reality is being lost, the ceiling is like soaring in the sky.

In fact, such techniques can turn any, even a small room into the classic Greek baths and contribute to making the room harmonious. The swimming pool has acquired the perfect ratio of height to length and width. Furthermore, classical fundamentality always remains on trend and the design of the Interior never bores.

Decorative painting in the interior of the pool
Wall painting modifies the proportions, pulls out the boundaries of the swimming pool, makes it unique, bright and cozy at the same time

Color is Dogma or …

One more excellent opportunity to acquire unique luxury is the painting of the swimming pool. Please draw attention how meticulously the details are worked out, the smallest accents are outlined. Due to that, the painting has acquired volume. A fabulous city “opens” its doors, and the desire appears to pass through the arch and come to be in a charmed place. Moreover, the painting visually “pulls out” the walls, change the proportions of the room. In conjunction with the mirrors, it increases the area twice.

The muted tones have been chosen in order to emphasize the imitation of a hot day, penetrated by sunlight. And the “piece of water” repeats the color of the swimming pool. In fact, harmonious integrated space is being created.

Decorative techniques and elements such as painting, columns, stucco moldings, can turn the swimming pool into the “Greek baths”, “magic city”, let “dip” at the Mediterranean coast, or find oneself in the magnificent palace.

Decorative columns, mosaics and exquisite painting make the swimming pool unique and majestic
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