Living Room in Eclecticism Style

Eclecticism implies abandoning the strict canons in the architecture and interior decoration. This trend allows mixing different elements of classical styles. It easily admits fanciful Baroque-style plaster décor and strict forms of furniture, paintings by famous artists and art works of the housing owners. At the same time, this is not to say that any experiments are permitted. Only knowing the fundamentals of the style and taste can help to combine, seemingly, uncombined elements.

Living room in classic style with modern pattern
Living room with the Classic-style elements in the decoration of the walls, ceiling is complemented by modern painting

Classics and Modernity

In order to make the Interior of the small living room acquiring the palatial features, the designers have applied gilding of stucco parts and furniture, smooth mirrors framed by thin rods, rich drapery. Chandelier with lots of crystal pendants does not overload the ceiling. Wide ceiling frieze and mural painting change the height of the room. Painting of modern master complements the Interior. 

Free layout of the living and dining area are separated quite conditionally. They are combined by gilded stucco moldings, forms of the chandeliers, the principle of decorating walls and modern paintings.

It could be said that this is the best interior design and the Classic-style decoration of the walls has been used in its purest form. However, the upholstered furniture and forms of the bookshelves break out the canons being used by architects of the past.


Living room in classic style with modern pattern
The living room with free layout is decorated with gilded stucco moldings and handmade furniture

Décor Saves Design Shortcomings

The features of the house were not in conformity with the concept of the designers. Therefore, to create an interesting view, the Interior has been added with the stylized fireplace, which could wonderfully turn to advantage the form of windows of the attic floor.

It has been decided to straighten out the illusion of the sloping wall (that is not peculiar to the majority of styles) through using mirrors with graceful straight rods, which has resulted in the Classic-style living room.

Ornamental Grisaille Paintings and Décor Elements

The Interior has combined ornamental grisaille painting and contemporary solid upholstered furniture, lightweight “Greek” sofa and carved mirror frame, that is more typical of Russian architecture.

Light, almost monochrome mural painting, bleached Interior, plaster décor, flowing lines of furniture are complemented by door portals with wall semi-columns.

Such combination of various elements is not caused only and not so much by the wishes of the designers. Often, customers independently choose furniture and Interior items that must be interweaved in the overall appearance of the room. And if considering that furniture manufacturers rarely engage in individual orders, and even more, do not take into account the dimensions, color schemes and proportions the rooms which have been decorated, then in this case often incompatible things are being combined. They don’t have strongly marked certain style, rather they are perception of the Classic style in contemporary performance.

Living room with the Classic-style elements in the decoration of the walls, ceiling is complemented by modern painting
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Год 2011
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Authors: Viktor Ivanov
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