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Reconstruction of Cabinet in Historic Mansion

Typically, cabinets are designed for one person, if we’re talking about housing, rather than commercial or administrative buildings. This is, in its own way, personal environment being arranged for work or hobbies, research or creative work. Therefore, the men’s cabinet was decorated not just on the basis of creative ideas of the designers. Wishes of the customer, historical features of the mansion and room have been taken into account.

Male office interior with boiserie panels
The men’s cabinet is decorated in the Classic style. Boiserie panels with mural paintings and animalistic pattern have made it exquisitely unique

Heritage of Past Centuries

In the past, decorating of cabinets or libraries was not neglected. They were distinguished by luxury and expensive decorating materials. Fontainebleau library in France can be given as an example. To give a special charm to the room, veneer wall panels with the beautiful name of Boiserie were used. Both at those times, and nowadays they are used together with bookcases for interiors in the Classic style.

Typically, the panels were decorated with carvings or expensive textile. In our case, the decorators have decided that monochrome mural painting and insert plates with colored animalistic scenes will be more acceptable. They have become the contrast-nuances like precious colored gemstones in sole-colored setting. Lightweight décor of the ceiling, with almost weightless chandelier has complemented the appearance of the room.


The connection of boiserie and painting in the interior of the office
The cabinet has combined Boiserie panels with animalistic pattern, carved decorative elements and lightweight chandelier

In the Classic-style interiors, all was adjusted to the last detail. Every detail, every slightest nuance creates a splendid thread, from which the look of the cabinet is woven. The cabinet’s mural paintings have united the pattern of wall panels and almost weightless pattern of the ceiling into a single thread. Combination of color gamma: light brown and blue gamma with half tones is so subtle that sense of ceiling presence is lost. The impression is made that the mural painting soars on high.

Boiserie panels are complemented by Classic-style volutes, wooden carved décor. Almost monochrome panels have acquired exquisite décor that changes the look, makes it solemn and memorable at the same time. And chandelier in plaster framing provides the necessary comfort.

The Interior decoration is pretty easy. And the same time, the historic stove, decorated with colorful tiles, harmoniously complements the Interior.

The Interior is presented unfurnished so that you can see all the nuances and duly appreciate the exquisite decoration that makes the cabinet exclusive. The author’s talent, expensive materials, unusual architectural solutions have contributed to this. It can be said confidently that this Interior cannot be replicated, it is unique and inimitable.

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The men’s cabinet is decorated in the Classic style. Boiserie panels with mural paintings and animalistic pattern have made it exquisitely unique
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Год 2016
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Authors: Vladimir Petrov, Viktor Ivanov
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