Modern View of Historical Cabinet, Through Eyes of Italians

In the past, rooms were decorated and furnished for one owner. Often only he worked and spent time in this room, so such rooms were individual, and reflected in some way the essence of the owner. Modernity leaves its mark on the functional features and the décor for certain rooms. Even the Classic-style cabinet can combine different design techniques of the past and modern materials.

Cabinet in classic Italian style
Classic-style elements: caisson, ceiling mural paintings, pilasters, decorative elements have served to create interesting Interior

Classical Techniques in Modern Execution

Basic principles, iconic elements have made the cabinet strict, interesting and in its own way, cozy. The ceilings are decorated with caisson, which is a distinctive feature of the Classic-style Interior. Composition of the mural paintings and molded rods of the ceiling is symmetrical, pale and attracts the attention by its refinement. Pilasters on the walls are complemented by similar mounted furniture elements.

Room with red leather furniture
Wall panels in the cabinet are the visual continuation of the bookcases. Upholstered furniture and decorative elements of rich red color make the necessary accents

Often, to create such cabinet interiors, nowadays MDF (medium density fibre) boards on plywood basis are used. Is this bad or good? It depends. Industrial production has replaced the work of craftsmen who created furniture inimitable in its beauty and exclusivity.

The one who knows Italy and attitude of its designers to decoration, will notice iconic elements and colors. The hot climate of the country leaves its mark on the interiors. Often they have various shades of red. Due to this, the cabinet has acquired some variety. Sofa, armchair and leather inserts on the table countertop have made the necessary accents.

Sofa is not just appropriate, it is a basic element of the cabinet (when considered from the point of view of personal space). In the past, such rooms combined work activity, creative work and rest at the same time. Light carpet balances the dark floors, furniture complements the main tone of decoration of walls and ceilings.

Interesting Nuances

At first glance, it might seem that the cabinet’s Interior is decorated in absolute Classical style. But should you take a closer look, and differences become clear. Classicism has some specific features: the walls are divided into fields by using moldings. The pilasters were used mainly for large rooms. The ceiling is decorated simultaneously by caissons and mural paintings. Painting on the theme breaks out the total image, but in the modern cabinet it looks great. Non-standard parquet layout is used. But this was caused by the fact that diagonal visually increases the space.

Nowadays cabinets can be used by all members of the family. Unfortunately, individual features characterizing one owner are lost. On this basis, it is necessary to create interior projects universal for every family member.

Classic room with coffered ceiling
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