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Trompe l’oeil mural painting is invention of European artists. It can transform the interiors: ceiling mural paintings change the height, wall mural paintings dissolve the walls or hide the doors, decorate the niches. The French came up with the name for this artistic trend - Trompe l’oeil. Some ones draw an analogy of Trompe l’oeil mural paintings to still-life paintings, however, there are some certain special features of Trompe l’oeil technique.

These are not just paintings, mosaics or frescoes, with using such mural paintings the Studio’s artists achieve results, which we will explain somewhere below. And now we want to note that, in fact, the illusion of the real world is built. It is hard to experience the authenticity of Trompe l’oeil mural paintings by reproduction or photo prints. Enchanting beauty and naturalness can be estimated, only when looking at the original, so that to feel the effect of illusionistic naturalness.

Wall painting blende
Trompe l'oeil painting the mountains and birds

Unfortunately, this type of mural paintings in the Interior is left out in the cold by art historians, so research and stories about it could be so rarely found. We bring into focus this important point: Trompe l’oeil mural paintings can create not only the illusion of presence, but also cause certain emotions: peace, joy, delight. That is why we introduce them to the Interiors. Thus, we are up to perform a variety of tasks: wall mural paintings in the Interior serve to create “open verandas”, a fabulous city, artistic mural paintings “remove” ceilings. Countless options. But there are additional advantages that are possible thanks to the technique being developed and applied by our artists:

  • They can decorate the bathrooms.
  • Change the geometry of space.
  • Can be ideally matched to the Interior, thus do not get out of the overall design.

Various options of Trompe l’oeil mural paintings performed by our artists are represented in the portfolio.

Deception on the wall
All possible options blende made by our studio

Trompe L'oeil Murals (Painting in Interior)

Trompe l’oeil murals, unlike other kinds of painting, serve to visually change the size of the rooms and model lighting shortcomings. Often perception of the room size depends on the height of the ceiling. In view of this, by using Trompe l’oeil mural paintings our artists create visually open space, level up or “dissolve” low-height ceilings and thereby remove this shortcoming. We take into account the wishes of customers and choose the option which helps not only to decorate or to change the rooms, but also emphasize the status.