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Bas-relief and wall painting in interiors

Classic room decor — it is, first of all, painting according to the canons of the era and relief stucco decorations. They give today's spaces the features of ceremonial suites in palaces and cathedrals, boudoirs and living rooms in noble estates. Traditional interiors, with their harmonious architectural symmetry, magnificent drama of painting and an abundance of expressive artistic techniques, attract owners of houses, apartments and offices.

Our studio will decorate the space with carved bas-reliefs of works and paintings in the spirit of Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Mediterranean, Oriental or other style. Convex decor, protruding above a flat background no more than half the volume — sculptural « instrument», known since antiquity, if not from the Paleolithic. The creation of a bas-relief, as well as the painting of walls and ceilings in the interior, which will make the room expressive and give it the features of a Roman manor or a palace of the XVIII century. However, the emotional coloring of these techniques varies.

Fragment of mural bas-relief

Artistic painting the ceiling and walls, emphasizing the transitions between them or window and doorways visually saturates the space, makes its voluminous. A panel dominating in the interior or a discreet, graceful ornament with stylized heraldic motifs and climbing plants will help:

· create a “center of attraction” of spectator attention that sets the mood of the room - a bright floral pattern will make a child’s cheerful, romantic picture or light rococo decor will add sensuality to the bedroom;

· visually expand the space, make it light, bright - for this, artists use the “trick” technique, creating on the walls and ceiling an image of landscapes, blue sky, terraces drowning in vegetation;

· adjust the ratio of verticals and horizontals - correctly placed accents make the rooms symmetrical and mask the flaws of the architecture.

The bas-reliefs with artistic painting “connect” the decor with the heritage of bygone eras. They are placed on steles and colonnades; walls, arches and pediments of buildings are decorated with convex compositions. This is part of the architectural decor with a clearly defined “cultural code” - the bas-reliefs remind of the strict, solemn antiquity that appealed to its heritage of empire and neoclassical. Today they are created by working on plaster or making stucco elements from plaster. They can be tinted or left unpainted, emphasizing the bulge with natural or artificial light.

If you like classic bas-reliefs, stucco molding and wall paintings, and you want to get a sample of art that matches historical images and canons, our studio will do it for you. We work with historical forms, including them in our base, which we have been compiling for 20 years. The studio offers individual prices for the art painting of the bas-relief on the wall, because we approach each order personally. We take into account the features, shape, purpose of the room and emphasize its advantages, without overloading the interior.  

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    The main staircase is decorated with alfrey painting
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    The main staircase is decorated with alfrey painting
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    Stucco desudeports in decorating door portals

Мы бесплатно проконсультируем по всем вопросам проекта и дадим рекомендации.

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The classic decor of the premises is, first of all, painting according to the canons of the era and relief stucco decorations
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