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dear customer


Let us make the acquaintance: we are the future performer of your project – the Studio "Park Zodchy".

Since 1997, we have been creating interior decor projects in the Classic style.

Specialization and competence of our studio masters:

Qualitative craft and handwork become antiques over the years.

The website sections contain the works of decorator masters, artists, sculptors and restorers of the studio "Park Zodchy".

Why can I trust studio "Park Zodchy"?

It is difficult to find a good performer. Even garish portfolio and views at the performer’s website do not guarantee a good job. Therefore, it becomes necessary to search for acquaintance and do not pay attention to rant at the performer's website. We offer to review together the factors that will help you to understand: "Who is in front of you?"

Feature #1

Exemine the works in the portfolio: In our examples we have only life-like images, not the work projects.

Feature #2

Pay attention to the experience: The sculptors of "Park Zodchy" have made own moulding base of elements since 1997.

Moulding base is not published, therefore, we guarantee that your project will be unique. We use own technology of gilding and combination of components in the painting, which we have carefully collected during the all history of the studio.

Feature #3

Whether the classical canons are observed: Masters of the studio keep the harmony of the Classic style that was collected for centuries.

But for all that, the studio is ready to work with combination of historical architectural styles - Eclectisism.

Feature #4

We do not maintain and do not publish the customer addresses and names. According to the rules of the non-disclosure agreement, we will not name them, and all website content was published with the customer written permission.

Feature #5

Several solutions of project tasks are offered: Designers of the studio perform up to 4 different solutions. Selecting the most advantageous solution saves your budget up to 33% of the materials cost.

Feature #6

Specify the level of work and quality: Masters of the studio, in addition to work on new projects, are involved in a complex restoration work.

Among them is the project of recreation of the Solovetsky Monastery iconostas (built in 1426) that is one of the biggest iconostas in Russia. This monastery is included in UNESCO World Heritage.

Completed projects


Why exactly "Park Zodchy"?

Since 1997, we have formed a team of art lovers and masters - restorers.

Почему мы?

We have completed these projects: 32 villas, 3 mansion houses and 1 private palace and took part as sub-contractor in a host of interesting projects.


Every specialist in our team has specialized education.

19 years in a row, we collect technology, visit museums and palaces all over the world. The team of the studio was formed in Saint Petersburg - a city, which is etalon of Classic styles of palace interiors.

Viktor Ivanov



Belobrov Mikhail