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Interior design in St. Petersburg

Timeless, classic, decorative reminds of the greatness of the past and connected with the present day do not become obsolete and are suitable for private residences and business spaces. We offer interior design in St. Petersburg - services for gilding and the production of plaster decor from the specialists of our studio who trained and work according to traditional canons. We adhere to the principles of historical authenticity and know how authentic, but comfortable living spaces should look.

The studio performs all the work on its own - from the detailed study of the project to the installation of stucco moldings, painting rooms and creating panels. We make traditional stucco decoration from plaster (in the base there are authentic historical forms, assembled together with restorers), we are engaged in the creation of coffered ceilings , illusory painting. We will bring the premises closer to the prototypes from the customer's favorite eras - antiquity, baroque, rococo or art nouveau, and we will develop an original project. The interior design in St. Petersburg, performed by the studio, is an opportunity to combine the splendor of the city and the decor, which will become its natural continuation. We travel to the region and other regions of Russia, the CIS countries and Europe.

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    Luxurious living room in Moroccan style
    The painting is done in light beige and contrasts wonderfully with the dark walls and ceiling
    Lamps and ceiling decoration of the living room in Moroccan style
    Mirror in a carved frame, delicately inlaid and gives the living room the palace grandeur of the Middle Ages
    Bedroom in a neoclassical style in burgundy color
    Handcrafted furniture with gilding and decorative details
    Gorgeous curtains in the neoclassical bedroom
    Burgundy color in the decoration of the bedroom in the neoclassical style
    Provence style dining room, light decoration
    Provence style dining room, unusual decoration
    Light dining room in Provence style, unusual painted stucco
    Hall decoration with stucco and painting grisaille
    Hall decoration with stucco and painting grisaille
    Desudeport painting in the style of grisaille
    Painting in the Empire style in the interior of the hall
    Stucco desudeports in decorating door portals
    Hall decoration in the attic floor
    Hall on the attic floor with bookcases
    Illusionary ceiling painting in the hall
    Exclusive painting blende hall wall
    Living room interior with painting trick
    Living room interior with fireplace, columns and painting
    Fireplace with a majestic portal in the interior of the living room
    Mediterranean villa interior

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