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Order design interior design, development cost in Moscow

Interior design will help to solve the following problems:

  • The project will help to clearly visualize your future interior. Understand the arrangement of future furniture, color schemes.
  • The design project makes it possible to calculate the project budget, control spending at each stage and save money;
  • To order an interior designer will allow you to create a unique image of the future home, competently think about ergonomics, taking into account the necessary functional zones and storage systems.

Designing an interior design consists of several stages:

  1. Information is being collected. Measurements of the premises are carried out, technical information is collected on the location of walls, niches and communications. Consistent preferences in style, color schemes, hobbies of the owners. Each zone in a future project should fulfill its function.
  2. Project development based on the information received. Places where furniture, plumbing, etc. will be indicated.
  3. The formation of the visual concept of the future home. Project sketches are performed, or 3D visualization is drawn. Based on the design concept, you can make photorealistic visualization of interiors.

Style selection

The interior design can be done in different styles. The interior design of Provence is inspired by the coast of France, beautiful landscapes with the Cote d'Azur and the bright sun, kitchens with many spices. The task of this style is to create a good mood and comfort. Light pastel colors. Walls and floors are often painted. Old or aged furniture made of oak, chestnut or walnut. The use of many natural flowers, floral patterns, ceramics, fabrics or porcelain.

The interior design to order in the classical style uses antique images, strict symmetrical lines, luxury and natural expensive materials. Calm colors, painted plant shapes, geometrically regular ornaments. The presence of columns adds luxury. The presence of stucco molding is mandatory. Figurines made of gypsum or marble, candelabra, porcelain vases. White or beige ceilings. Massive furniture with symmetrical shapes. from natural materials - wood, leather, stone. Different combinations of pastel shades.

Baroque is an artsy, pompous style that originated in Italy in the 16th century. Luxurious materials are preferred in the decoration. The color scheme reflects the pomp of the style: brown-green, terracotta, blue-green, gold. The floor is lined with natural marble. The walls are covered with expensive fabrics or tapestries with images of nature. The ceilings are decorated with paintings with perspectives leading to the heavenly expanses. The abundance of heavy fabrics, carpets, sparkling rich chandeliers, stucco molding with gilding. Image of leaves and fruits. Furniture made of expensive wood, decorated with bronze or gilded lining.

The design of an interior design in the Empire style inspired by Napoleon does not lose its relevance. Noble, solemn, majestic. Variegated, rich color tones. Active use of patinated and matte black metal. Vases, clocks, lamps made of bronze. Geometry and symmetry are characteristic. The forms of furniture are solemn and monumental, with carved details of animals, Roman gods, mythical creatures. The rich volumetric relief is an imitation of columns, figurines, murals, pilasters and stucco moldings. Natural wood, stone, crystal, silver prevail in the decoration. Expensive textiles - velvet, silk, velor and brocade. The ceilings are painted white or milky. Decor - marble vases, porcelain dishes, mirrors in openwork frames, caskets with inlaid from expensive metals

Rococo is characterized by asymmetric compositions, an interest in mythology and eroticism. The desire for celebration and enjoyment is a feature of style. Doorways and arched windows. Ornaments in the form of curls, flower garlands, rockail and cupids, convex shields. Wall decoration - glossy, silk fabrics, tapestries with Chinese motifs, paintings and mirrors in gilded frames. Bronze chandeliers with crystal pendants, light bulbs in the form of candles. The ceiling with frescoes becomes an extension of the wall. Ceramic or parquet floor. Carved furniture - armchairs, chairs, sofas on curved legs in the form of a winding vine. Embroidered pillows on armchairs, floor pedestals, decorative trees. Aquariums are an innovation of style. Decor - caskets and figurines, dressing tables, lacquered dressers, geridon, cardboard boxes.

Service cost

Project development is a multi-level process, including both design and selection of finishing materials, furniture, accessories. The cost of the estimate depends on the complexity of the project, the area of the house (apartment), materials. Our competence is exclusively author's interior design. Creating a design project consists of the following steps:

  1. We will contact you by phone. Pre-advise on the project of the customer. Is free.
  2. Measurement of the room. Our artists go to the site, take measurements of the premises. We conclude a contract. We can also calculate the cost of work on an existing customer project;
  3. We are developing a design project. Various finishing options, types of materials used are discussed. We select the main interior items;
  4. Getting to work.

Everyone has an idea about the interior of their dreams. Combining expectations with the end result - this is the main task of the interior design. The interior design project is not just a drawn sketch, but also a whole set of documents, with different planning options for the future home, including in the form of 3D visualization.

Order design interior design

Looking for where to order interior design? Entrust the interior design to the team of the Park Architect studio. Working since 1997, we have completed 32 copyright projects for the design of country houses. We also carry out field supervision - a service of monitoring contractors for the performance of work.

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Мы бесплатно проконсультируем по всем вопросам проекта и дадим рекомендации.

Вы получаете заботу с первого звонка: мы бесплатно проконсультируем по всем вопросам проекта и дадим рекомендации.

Each customer has his own idea of the dream interior. We will help them transform into the result.
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