Elite interior design

In elite interiors which style is based on historical examples it’s necessary to carefully follow historical canons — in conceptual approach, amount and appearance of decoration. This is the only way to get uniqueness of the space and its compliance with the principles of classic harmony. Elite interior design — is a special work. Elite interior design aims to create rooms in which every detail works for its owner, his or her comfort, peace of mind, reputation.

Living room is decorated with gypsum. Gold painting gilt of different elements is made.

Staff of our studio participate in restorations of historical manors and helped to re-establish historical monuments. We will assume all the stages of creating elite interior design and filling the space up with true art samples — like stucco work, paintings on walls and ceilings, boiserie. Staff of the studio — are professionals with art education, extensive experience and knowledge of how samples of classic or any other style look. Décor which we create is harmonious, not excessive, based on observance of proportions. We guarantee confidentiality — . Photos of works are posted on the site with the written consent of the customer.

Elite interior design is a special work
Added 16.08.17