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Interior’s Mural Paintings Performed by Artist Petr Dashchenko

In the past, artists often used mural paintings in the Interior. And now there is a trend to turn away from decoration in the Minimalist style (smooth walls, absence of Classic-style elements). Increasingly frequently, decoration includes mural paintings in different genres. This kind of decorative art is universal, because it does not just decorate the rooms, but may perform a variety of tasks: to balance details, to accentuate the advantages, to hide some imperfections of the rooms. However, in the effort to emphasize the status of the housing, mural paintings in the Classic-style Interior must conform to the basic principles of building the perspective with fine selection of color palette and other features.

Fine ornamental grisaille paintings in decoration of boiserie (wooden wall panels of the cabinet)

Skill of Interior’s mural paintings is difficult to describe in words, this requires illustration, which shows the steps for creating different types of mural paintings. Let’s take a look at this kind of decoration on the example of mural paintings performed by Petr Dashchenko. It’s hard to disagree that the Classic-style Interior is luxury, loveliness and originality. But also there are some technical and artistic points, without which the beauty and balance in their purest form are lost.

Mural paintings on boiserie wooden panels differs by fancy, beauty and uniqueness. What is the special feature. Wall and ceiling mural paintings have their distinctive features, by which where anyone can voluntarily choose the basic tone. As a rule, wooden panels have different shades of brown, beige or white colors. In addition, the texture of wood requires special skill, because the paint must be clearly laid and not spread out over wooden texture.

The artist Petr Dashchenko masterly owns this kind of mural painting. Please draw your attention to fineness of the lines, artistic taste and three-dimensional mural paintings in decoration of the room. Fine ornamental grisaille wall paintings adorn the boiserie panel, become a sophisticated script and complement to wooden panels.

Ornamental grisaille painting in the French style, with flashing gilding for decoration of the Neo-Classic-style interiors

Let’s consider mural painting of the architectural mirror. Please take notice how finely the details are drawn in effort to create the design of the Interior in the Classic style. The project of mural paintings is transported onto the wall, due to this errors are excluded.

In effort to make the Interior appealing, the artist creates ornamental grisaille paintings in restrained style, details are drawn in, the griffins seem to come alive, give a certain momentum, while the Interior is not overloaded with color at the same time.

The artist Petr Dashchenko graduated Restoration school, goes in for mural paintings over 22 years, explores the Classic-style Interior, books on special subjects, visits castles and palaces, explores the finest nuances of works of the architects of the past.

An unusual technique, the so-called French, with flashing gilding serves to emphasize refinement of the room - this is the top performance. It is beautiful, stylish, sophisticated. Small details, overall perspective are drawn in such a way that the mural painting has acquired three dimensions, it is alive, flexible. This technique is developed years. Notice how the sketch transforms into ready, almost living decoration. The love of the artist to the beauty, the Classic balance is felt, while mural painting is modern, stylish.

It is worth noting that it is not enough just to take separate elements and decorate the walls. It is important to have Classic-style balance of details. It is impossible to make the décor of the Interior stylish, by combining different styles, such as the Rococo and the Empire, otherwise the concept of kitsch is ensured and the word raunch becomes crucial. Radically different styles cannot be combined. In this regard, decorative features which are transformed over years and flow from one style to another, should not be mixed up.

We can say with confidence: the artist Petr Dashchenko avoids such unacceptable mixes, so the Interiors decorated by his talented hands, are described as classic, exquisite, status. They do not go out of fashion, and over the years have become increasingly expensive and antique.

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