Plaster moldings made by hand

Stucco work which is made by hand — is décor which can make a balanced, harmonious and unique interior. While thinking through every centimeter designer or architect «plans» which style would express advantages of the room and owner’s preferences which mural painting, ornament, stucco would give integrity and expressiveness  to the room. In our studio costumers will find professional support and willingness to realize their wishes, using all the experience and skills.

We make handmade stucco work according to the forms from the base (We collect it already for 20 years) — also as well according to the historical forms, which we got while have been restoring architectural monuments. We use authentic techniques and visual solutions. Every time we solve decorative tasks from the fresh start. Handmade stucco work — is a functional decoration which gives symmetry and correctness to the room, volume because of correct lines and every centimeter helps to solve design task. It would be impossible to replicate— an interior. Moreover, we strictly observe confidentiality of orders and publish results work results only after your official permission. 

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    The mosaics and the fresco in the interior of the dressing room
    Eclecticism in the design of the dressing room
    Tasting room with marble table
    The tasting room with a fireplace
    The marble table in the tasting room
    Wine cellar with shelves and exquisite design
    Wine cellar with mirrored panels for equipment
    Hall wine cellar
    Office in a historic building with classic decor
    Administrative office with classic decor elements
    The dining style of Provence, bright decoration
    The dining room in the Provence style, unusual decorating
    Bright dining room in the Provence style, unusual wykres stucco
    Living room with decorative stove with tiles
    Living room interior with decorative painting
    Alfray painting and stucco in the living room
    Inlaid parquet in the living room
    Stucco ceiling and light fixtures in the living room
    Staircase in a country mansion with paintings and gilding
    Alfray monochrome painting adorned the stairs at home
    Marble staircase with gilded and painted in the Empire style
    Gilding in the decoration of the staircase of a country mansion

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Stucco work which is made by hand is décor which can make a unique interior
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