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Lounge historic mansion in the center of the city after reconstruction

In the course of renovation of the mansion in the center of the city, it was necessary to combine the historical roots of the building, its past life with modernity. In spite of the chosen blue color of decorating, the hall could not be described as strict or boring, ornamental wall painting in the style of grisaille has created three-dimensional décor that adorns the Interior, makes it exquisitely unique and cozy.

The design of the lobby with stucco and painted grisaille
The hall is integrated due to light-colored decoration, ceiling stucco moldings and mirrors, dessus de porte compositions with ornamental paintings in grisaille style.

Only Light Colors and Concise Lines

For decoration, it was decided to forgo the marble floors, colorful flowers, gilding on the ceiling and walls. The emphasis was put on creating a cozy attractive space, which will become a prelude to the primary rooms, rather than “master violin in well-coordinated orchestra” of the home decorating.

Grisaille style, never better fits in the selected color palette and light, homely, pleasant style of the hall decorating. Light walls in blue tones complement beige-brown doors and parquet. The project of ornamental painting has brought together the main keynote: creating comfort and rest.


The decoration of the hall painted in the style of grisaille
Decoration of hall with ornamental painting in grisaille style title Fine, airy ornamental mural painting supports color palette of the hall decoration

Ornamental Painting and Stucco Moldings

Iconic décor elements that support the general concept, are plaster stucco moldings and ornamental painting in style of grisaille. Stucco moldings of the mirrors are tinted with the color of the walls. This technique has made surfaces more solid, rods do not crush airspace. While the uniform three-dimensional texture is created, that frames laconically-filled fields.

Monochrome ornamental paintings in the Empire style have given the ceiling grand elegance and support geometry of lantans (lamps unusual in form). Due to this, the hall does not seem a long ordinary room. In conjunction with the mirrors, decorated with ornamental paintings and concise content, the desired rhythm has been set. The hall has acquired its unique entourage.

Using dessus de porte compositions is a Classic technique of portal decoration. Stucco molding décor is performed with high quality and professionalism. White color is in harmony with the background of ornamental painting in grisaille style and vertical stucco moldings, framing the door. But, in addition, this element serves to turn the height into advantage, to make the room visually split-height, what gives diversity in decoration of the long hall.

The result is an integral, in its own cozy, but at the same time, interesting premise with pleasant décor, which fully corresponds to the status of historic house.


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Год 2015
Страна Nizhny Novgorod
Authors: Vladimir Petrov, Viktor Ivanov
Added 05.09.16