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Living Room in Moroccan Style

Middle East styles originated in the 7th century and are closely associated with the culture and religion of the Arabs. However, Moroccan-style Interior differs from Syrian or Indian styles. This is determined by the history of the country. Over the years, this country has become a refuge for Jews who were talented artists, best jewelers and virtuosic carvers. Due to this, a whole subculture of design appeared. Moroccan style is unique, mysterious and always attractive, which has been selected for the Interior of the living room.

Luxurious living room in Moroccan style
Centuries-old experience of Moroccan masters and talents of contemporary artists, designers, cabinet makers have been used for decoration of the living room

Carved Patterned Ligature

The talented masters have worked over the Interior and applied the principles of decoration inherent in this style. A lot of wood, artificial encrustation, low solid table, stylized hexagonal stools, settee-sofa, comfortable arm-chairs, boxes, hookah, small figurines, exquisite tableware are an integral part of relaxation. There are a lot of decorative elements in the Interior: bedside tables, vases, tea tables.

Mural Painting

There are no windows in the room, but it has not become a problem. Large mural painting in the living room has allowed creating a bright accent. Spot lighting changes its perspective, gives it depth. One gets the impression of a large open portal, which overlooks the majestic city, given superior mirage a hitch. Lightweight sofa with hookah complements this relaxation corner.

The painting is done in light beige and contrasts wonderfully with the dark walls and ceiling
Mural painting is performed in light beige color scheme and wonderfully contrasts with dark walls and ceiling

Blue frieze in combination with gilded floral pattern changes the perspective of height. The socket in Oriental style complements the magnificent lamp, which itself is an unusual adornment. Despite its impressive size, it looks lightweight and creates a strong light beam that forms light “high” dome. As a result, the unusual color combination, transition from light floor to dark walls and ceiling, in combination with highlights of the chandelier have created the illusion of the night sky.

Magnificent Mirror-World

Mirror in an unusual way changes the proportions of the living room. It reflects the light and makes the room brighter. Carved framing becomes fanciful portal to the mirror-world. Various techniques have made it a true masterpiece of architecture and decoration.

We would like to draw attention to the color gamma and materials: lots of wood and blue color in a remarkable way facilitate to rest. The room cannot be described as dark, and the Interior as loaded. Small bright details and fragments, lighting arranged in an unusual way, light-colored floors served to give it harmony.

The Moroccan style is rich with its own features and traditions, so it is impossible to apply in one project carving on gaja (variety of limestone) and Arabesque open-work ligature, but the image of the mysterious and original country has been featured masterly.

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Centuries-old experience of Moroccan masters and talents of contemporary artists, designers, cabinet makers have been used for decoration of the living room
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