Design of toilet rooms in Classic style - Studio Decor Park Zodchy


For decorating toilet rooms in elite apartments and houses, “Park Zodchy” Studio’s craftsmen use techniques to combine jointly Classic-style decoration principles with mural paintings, plaster stucco moldings, gilding and modern sanitary ware. To do this, we create architectural mirrors, niches, podiums. We do not consider that these premises could be treated dismissively, only based on their intended purpose. Therefore, we use high-quality decoration materials, apply exclusive mural paintings (next to talk in more detail). We scrupulously approach to arrangement and decoration of such rooms. Because they have to be comfortable, safe, but not get out from the general concept of decoration of other rooms. Subtle taste and talent of the artists and decorators serve to combine Classic styles: Baroque, Empire, Renaissance and Rococo with ultra-modern Jacuzzi and combined enclosed shower cabs. This creates a harmonious space. These rooms do not become kitsch. Each element is strictly checked and is closely related to the others. For decoration we use marble and plaster stucco moldings, performed in architecturally correct manner, gilding and textiles, exclusive furniture and palatial lighting fixtures, large mirrors and artworks. Mural Paintings in Interior of Toilet Rooms. Over the years, craftsmen of our company have been developing the technology of mural painting for wet rooms. You can look on the results in our portfolio. The mural paintings are not only bright, but also durable, do not hurt in wet conditions, decorate, but also often convey some meaning: stress the intended purpose, serve to change the geometry of space. We use a variety of styles: ornamental grisaille, monumental, Trompe l’oeil mural paintings. Cabinet-makers and artists, gilders and creators of stucco moldings work to create beautiful and comfortable rooms, which for a long time remain fashionable and attractive.