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Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

For proper storage of the exclusive drinks, there has been developed the design of the wine cellar, these are separate premises, which have combined the wine cellar and the tasting room. The different factors, required for these premises, have been considered, but, more importantly, they have become a true masterpiece of design art.

Tasting Room

The name required a special approach to decoration. The premises have been taken in advantage in such a manner that the base element is a round marble table, and this is for a reason. Wine tasting requires time and calm, refined atmosphere.

Дегустационная комната с мраморным столом
Tasting room with fireplace, marble table, shelves for wine glasses

It’s worth paying attention at the table, which can be described as a masterpiece of design art. A massive, but stylish one with exclusive wooden parts, around which significant decorative elements of the Interior are placed:

  • Unusually beautiful panels.
  • Fireplace with picture and candlesticks.
  • Shelf for wine glasses.
  • Panels with vases in the Greek style.
  • Majestic chandelier.
  • Painting of the ceiling and walls.

All this creates luxurious status Interior in which it is enjoyable to spend time with family, friends and admirers of luxury drinks.

Дегустационная комната с камином
Tasting room with fireplace, marble table, type-setting parquet and decorative panels

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Tasting room with fireplace, marble table, shelves for wine glasses
Количество фотографий 6
Год 2007
Страна Moscow
Authors: Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Petrov
Added 23.07.16