Interior Design Provence

Originating in Southern Province of France is loved by many admires of lightness, warmth and grace in interior design. Provence with its casual country style based on classic artistic canons of aesthetic— is embodiment of serenity, the charm of unsophistication along with originality of natural charm. Wall and ceiling painting decoration is prominently in it because wallpaper isn’t inherent for the style. Other principles that Provence style dictates are:

  • specific color scheme, powdered, muted shades ( blue, lavender, grey-dove, lacteous);
  • interior décor with «antiquity» — vintage elements, furniture with crazing, scuffs and other imitation of a «long life»;
  • references to the other styles— . Interior Provence design includes elements rococo (plant ornaments, flower garlands). Natural materials— like stone, wood, forging, ceramics, gypsum stucco.
Interior Provence style design

In our studio you can order interior design in accordance with style’s canons and principles of classic harmony. We carefully adjust proportions, select decorative elements up to floor device. Interior’s elements come together as a well-oiled machine without too many details but multifaceted and visually «rich».

We provide unique design in which eclectic elements are combined. In cooperating with us customers get support by professionals who already worked on 40 private villas and manors, participated in the restoration of architecture monuments. We know how authentic interiors looked historically. We know how to carefully take traditions into the present.

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    A large four-poster bed in opal classic bedroom
    The Bay window in the master bedroom, decorated in opalescent colours
    Gorgeous area with exit to the terrace in classic style
    The entrance area on the terrace, decorated with parquet floors and gilded stucco
    Classic bright hall
    Hall decorated with marble, stucco
    The classical decoration of the hall
    Family restaurant in the Renaissance style
    Restaurant in the style of the Italian Renaissance
    Living room dining room with exclusive almaney painted
    Painting on gold in the dining room
    Pool with elements of Baroque and gold leaf gilding
    The pool in the Baroque style
    Painting the pool in the Baroque style

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In our studio you can order interior design in accordance with style’s canons and principles of classic harmony
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