Stucco work ornament

Stucco ornament elements— are feature of Art Nouveau, baroque, classicism and many others styles . Recurring devices of abstract figures, interlacing stylized plants, fantasy details are necessary to create harmonious composition, unique, consistent artistic interior solution. Window openings, ledges, transitions between ceilings and walls and columns can be decorated with stucco work ornament. It’s important that it shouldn’t be excess, overburden the room but it should visually «fill it up» and make it close to authentic interiors.

Our studio will decorate the room with stucco work ornament which is identical to historical prototypes. Sculptors have been making base for many years while they have been working on restorations of palaces and manors with original artistic forms. They learned how to re-establish it hundred percent precise. We will complement interior of a hall, living room, any room by décor that would look the way columns of the style needs. It’s possible to find the right solution in our stucco work base. We carefully follow customer’s wished, develop ornaments and pick up its elements for the room, its height and geometry. The result of cooperating with the studio — is authentic interior which «works» for its owner and his or her comfort.

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    Chic Moroccan-style living room
    The painting was made in light beige colors and wonderful contrasts with the dark walls and ceiling
    Lamps and ceiling decoration living room in Moroccan style
    Mirror in carved frame, finely inlaid and gives the living room a palatial grandeur of the middle ages
    Classic hall is a country residence
    Stained glass ceiling in the residence
    A double-height space in the residence
    The interior area of Hammam with a painted ceiling
    Richly decorated interior of the Hammam
    The interior of the Hammam with a cover and a stylized chest of drawers
    Decorative tile in the interior of the Hamam
    The billiard room decorated in a Moroccan style
    An arched doorway decorated in Oriental style
    Interior painting in living room Moroccan style
    The decoration of the hall in the attic
    Hall on the attic floor with bookcases
    Illusory ceiling paintings in the lobby
    Exclusive faux-painted walls of the hall
    The main staircase is decorated with paintings almaney
    Painting the walls of the Grand staircase
    Concise piece of wood in the design of the staircase
    A complex painting in the interior staircase
    Painting a ceiling light in Empire style
    Interior stairs with painted walls and ceiling light

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Window openings, ledges, transitions between ceilings and walls and columns can be decorated with stucco work ornament
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