Area of entry onto terrace, decorated with Classic-style elements - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Beautiful Exit to Terrace

It has been decided to make the area of exit to the terrace quiet in colors and content, thus balancing the beauty of nature outside the windows. Lightness breathes in every detail. While the Interior cannot be described as featureless or uninteresting. The ceiling mural painting, perfectly beautiful decoration of the walls and floors have made it looking like a ball room. Decorative play is built on combination of colors and textures, creating a unique atmosphere.

Luxurious exit to the terrace in a classic style
Large windows and doors have become the starting point creation of the light Interior with gilded stucco moldings, marble semi-columns and artistic parquet floors

Light, Lots of Light

A large number of panoramic windows and doors make the room very light. The designers have used this advantage to unite the delicate taste and comfort, light colors and richness of the décor, the beauty of the outer world and inner splendor. In fact, an open space has been created, that is conditionally separated from the outside world.

Semi-translucent curtains adorn the windows and doorway. They are weightless and do not overload the Interior, but rather accentuate its elegance. The curtains soften the light flows in an unusual way. The Interior is transformed depending on the time of day.

The walls and ceiling are divided into first surface mirrors that are framed with the plaster stucco moldings, covered with gold leaf. This technique has served to bring the large sizes of vertical and horizontal planes to more comfortable standards. Due to this, the room does not push by its size.

There are no large chandeliers. Backlighting of the walls and ceiling makes the necessary accents. Capital of the Corinthian order crowns the semi-columns, which bring harmonious balance in decoration of the Interior. Due to this, you can feel space and vast, the door portal, decorated with gilded molded ornamental script, has been accentuated. The parquet floors reflect the light from the windows, and scatter flecks around the room.

Entrance area to the terrace, decorated with parquet and gilded stucco
Ceiling mural paintings, gilded stucco moldings, furniture of classical shapes, lightweight lighting fixtures, semi-translucent curtains give harmony and lightness

Uniting Rectilinear and Flexible Lines

The décor of the Interior is remarkably balanced. Minimally gilded stucco moldings of the mirrors are complemented with more consistently gilded wide frieze. Strict proportions of framing the ceiling and wall fields soften the ornamental mural painting of the ceiling and wallpaper with textured pattern. Geometric floor layout is the background for artistic parquet pattern. While the colors of the main field and frieze are united. Strict lines of the dark frieze are decorated with ornate vignette. The decorative effect is built on combination of contrasting colors, allowing softening strict proportions of functionalism.

A part of the ceiling is painted into cool bluish color. This technique has allowed visually separating it from the wall that has created lightness and feeling of infinity. Exquisite ornament in the Interior has created a unique decorative path, which has given elegance to the ceilings. Furniture of soft forms with gilded details is fully consistent with the aesthetics of the space and complements the airy interiors.

Gold and strictness of lines have created tandem for palatial classics. The room has become a smooth transition between the internal living rooms and the outdoor veranda.

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Large windows and doors have become the starting point creation of the light Interior with gilded stucco moldings, marble semi-columns and artistic parquet floors
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Год 2012
Страна Moscow
Authors: Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Petrov
Added 20.08.16