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Cabinet in Historic Administrative Building

Historic buildings leave their mark on decoration of the rooms. Large rooms, high ceilings require special principles for arranging space and decorating the interior. Therefore, it has been decided to decorate the Chief’s cabinet by using Classic-style principles, interesting pattern of floor layout and other iconic elements.

Study in a historic building with classic decor
Clear lines, state symbols, fine mural paintings, finely gilded Interior items and unusual layout of the floor pattern have been chosen for decoration

With Respect to History

Modern décor in buildings with historical roots often looks ridiculous. Furniture in the High-Tech style, concise modern chandeliers can be lost in the big space of the room. Therefore, Classic-style décor elements and decoration techniques of noble administrative buildings have been used for arrangement of the cabinet. Mirrors on the walls are decorated with wide rods, the main field is in subdued colors. Laconic plaster stucco moldings accentuate the status of the cabinet.

Strict-lines furniture with fine décor and perfectly executed gilding. Furniture arrangement is determined by administrative tasks, which are to be performed by the owner of the cabinet. Therefore, several areas are quite appropriate: working area, for meetings or negotiations, and rest area with a marble table.

Sophisticated décor of the floors does not look gaudy because color gamma is not vibrant, it corresponds to the general entourage of the room, color of stucco moldings and furniture. Light-colored carpet separates the rest area, adds some bourgeois comfort and simultaneously balances the pattern of the floors.

Gilding of stucco moldings is very fragmentary and masterful. The mural paintings revive the Interior, they also remarkably complement the large-scale geometry of the molded module. Due to this, there is no feeling of ornate pomposity. Everything is strict and worthy.

Administrative office with classic decor elements
Mural paintings on the ceilings and walls, Classic-style furniture and Interior items look harmoniously with the modern TV set, telephone and security sensors

Perfect Combination: Yesterday and Today

It might seem that it is not difficult to decorate a large proportional space. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is necessary to combine Classic-style décor elements, which are quite appropriate in a historic building, with modern techniques.

An interesting feature: the TV set has been picked up with such size that it would echo with mirrors on the walls. The telephone set is almost unnoticeable on the side-table stand. Combined extract and input ventilation does not spoil the ceiling. Fire safety sensors and video-camera sensors look like a décor element. Due to the same color as of the ceiling, they are not striking the eye.

Decorative elements that are acceptable in living room spaces have not been used in this Interior, because they may become alien. This strict-style cabinet has been decorated as an administrative room, and the appropriate décor items have been selected: holly banners, flags, stylized table clocks and Classic candlesticks. Due to this, the project of Interior design has completed its task. The room has been turned into advantage basing on functional requirements. It is not overloaded with needless décor, but everything required to solve the necessary tasks is present: desktop, meeting table and small corner for rest.

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Cabinet of the head with the state symbols
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Год 2008
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