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Guest bathroom in dark tones

When decorating modern interiors, tile is often used. However, with all the skill of the developers of building decoration materials, tiles still remain an imitation of natural stone, even of very high quality. That is why it was decided to decorate with marble the Classic-style toilet room. Interesting techniques: combination of dark and subdued colors, gilded parts, mosaic décor have softened its coldness and given the room grace.

Bathroom decorated with marble
Decoration of the toilet with marble and mosaics, gilding of doors parts and unusual furniture has given the room luxurious beauty

Elegant Sophistication

Not always fashionable trends: decorative dyeing or tile with unusual pattern can satisfy all preferences. A variety of decor is great, but there are interiors that need special decoration. For example, it was decided to decorate this guest toilet room with marble, because ordinary materials were found to be inadmissible in the status Interior. This has favoured to achieve the set goals, the toilet is not overloaded with unnecessary details, but even so is fully consistent with the general entourage of all rooms.

What has marble given? Using the reflective surfaces of marble, the floor space has been visually increased. Mirrors and gloss of this expensive material have changed the parameters, the walls metaphorically lead through the looking glass.

To make the Classic-style toilet room not looking too bleak or too harsh, interesting elements have been introduced. Golden mosaic has become framing of the mirror and part of the wall. This item has consolidated different areas. Dessus de porte composition (decorative element above the door) makes the room simultaneously higher and more comfortable.

Floor layout and ceiling decor replicates the geometry of the mosaic. Rectangular lines are smoothed by exquisite wash basin of flexible form. Expensive decoration in the form of gilded parts, gold faucet and wash basin echo with refined gilding of the doors.

Ceiling decoration is succinct. In this relatively small room it was non-rational to build a complex, multistage structures or use large decorative elements that could load the Interior.

To create a cozy space, the toilet is divided into two functional areas, making it more convenient.

Expensive bathroom interior decorated with marble
The toilet room in the Classic style is decorated with marble of two shades, unusual wash basin and doors with slight gilding

Luxury in All Things

For someone it may seem, why should so much attention be paid to decoration of secondary facilities. However, there is no place for mass consumption style in decorating the status housing. Expensive materials and sanitary appliances, exclusive furniture, and decorative elements provided not just beauty. The Classic-style toilet room looks luxurious.

Two colors of marble are complemented by light-colored doors, a small but stylish lamp with the plafond made of “milk” glass. And additional important point: marble is considered as one of the most persistent and durable materials. That is why the palaces were decorated by using it in the past. Such Interior is timeless, it is not afraid of words: “out of fashion”, but majestic charm is added to it.

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Decorating bathrooms with marble and mosaics
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