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Hall in Small-Space Room

Classic style can give the room iconic and palatial features, emphasize advantages or turn into kitsch with the abundance of decorative elements, gilding and mural painting. The Classic-style corridor is not worth to overload with the abundance of large parts, only in this case it will become the harmonious anteroom of housing.

Classic bright hall
Small hall in light tones is decorated by marble, stuccowork, masterfully performed carving and wood gilding

Light Colored Elegance

One of the acceptable principles of decoration: light color gamma + finely drawn up gilding of the Interior items. This method is good because on the one hand, the room is not overloaded with heavyweight details. On the other hand, you may notice a subtle, but masterfully performed ceiling painting, fine thread, which gave the toilet table majestic framing. Smart marble flooring layout has given the necessary rhythm: diagonal one has visually changed the parameters of the hall, and horizontal frieze attaches the necessary direction.

There has been applied non-standard decoration of the door portal. This decoration repeats decoration of walls and is in harmony with the marble floors, due to which the Interior is not crushed. This is also facilitated by small concise cornice without gilding. In order to emphasize the Classic style, there has been chosen large chandelier with crystal pendants.

Hall decorated with marble, stucco
Relatively small hall it is not overloaded by decorative elements, colour scale is quiet, stuccowork is harmonious

Order Elements in Decoration

Classic-style elements of décor decorated interiors of castles and palaces for millenniums. Their grandeur and appeal lies in the fact that the décor was selected by talented architects, and was put into life by skilled artisans. The décor was applied not only to emphasize the grandeur and status, but increasingly to make the rooms conformal one to another, in order to emphasize their attractiveness.

On this basis, decorative elements are chosen for decoration of small rooms. Only their careful application will make them harmonious. As you can see from this project, light colors are remarkably complemented by dark doors and mirror. The door portal is turned into advantage in a proper way: graceful plaster stucco moldings are quiet appropriate because it does not overload the Interior.

The long hall is turned into advantage in a proper way, from the point of view of decoration of the Classic-style Interiors. Fine marble pilasters with gilded stucco molded capitals visually divide the long walls, while pushing them and making the room more comfortable. This is facilitated by well-chosen furniture: console table, bureau, the painting is a pleasant art object, not irritating to eyes. The Classic-style chandelier is decorated with laconic gilded rosette, which does not overload the ceiling.

When combining these objects, we can conclude: the masters did not intend to saturate the Classic-style corridor with abundant décor, since this overloads the Interior and looks pointless in terms of composition and matching of décor proportions to the room size.

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Год 2003
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Authors: Viktor Ivanov
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