Luxurious Interior of the toilet with ornamental paintings, mosaics and plaster stucco moldings - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Extraordinary decision of bathrooms

It is impossible to imagine modern housing without toilet rooms. Despite the utilitarian purpose of this room, the designers have decided to decorate it using classical principles of decoration. As a result, luxurious Interior of this room is fully consistent with the overall style of the housing. The question might be: why was needed to use such an intricate décor? But there is a logical explanation. The way how a person organizes and decorates the environment, so, to a large extent, he/she treats him/herself. In this project, respect and love to oneself has transformed into creation of exquisite and unique beautiful interior design.

Bathroom with painting and gilding stucco
Bathroom in the Classic style with ornamental painting framed with gilded stucco moldings

Submersion into Past

The toilet room is decorated with various Classic-style elements that are inherent in the palatial interiors: stucco moldings with a fine pattern and gilding, elements of ornamental grisaille painting. Panoramic painting performs several functions: visually moves apart the walls and combines two hygiene rooms, gives it significant elements and brings some lightness and transparency. Even the selected theme corresponds to the “wet” area of the housing.

Floors are combined: marble and floral motifs.

Often the greatness arises from creativity. Owner’s favorite seascapes have created a wonderful space. Geometrically straight mirrors of the walls make a harmony, and elegant chandeliers give interesting backlighting.

Strict-form stucco moldings have served to organize and build harmonious space. An interesting feature. Luxury bathroom and toilet room have no doors between them, but placement of the tools is organized in such a way that they do not catch the eye, and are hidden in the ends of the room. In addition, everything is decorated in accordance with the preferences of the owner.

Bathroom with bidet, painted and gilded stucco
Perspective ornamental painting, gilded stucco moldings complemented modern sanitary ware.

Puzzle with Historical Roots

In addition to the above described methods, mosaics with figures in the form of leafy garlands have been introduced into the Interior. Despite the fact that the ornamental paintings occupy the larger fields, subdued tones do not irritate the eyes and create soft transitions between, in fact, paintings in gilded frames and walls. Due to this decoration, sanitary ware is lost, and only the age-old beauty remains before the eyes. Soft consolidation of never-fading Classic style elements and elements of modern comfort are subtly intertwined.

Any unique historical style carries the collective experience of the architects of the past, each element incorporates the best that gives the history of architecture. But there is also an additional advantage, earlier, buildings and palaces were built not only to surprise the imagination, emphasize the status, but also for the comfort of the owner. It is impossible to design in advance on paper luxurious Interior, it is a particle of life and domestic priorities of the owner. Only in this case the housing will be the décor of life rather than its dominant element. It has been succeeded to decorate the toilet in the Classic style. Beauty and style, softness of tones and magnificence of stucco moldings gilding are combined for the only objective: comfort and comfort again.

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A bathroom in a classic style with a painting
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Год 2010
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Authors: Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Petrov
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