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Classical plaster moldings moldings

Stucco work was used in different classic eras. Iconic buildings were decorated with it. Nowadays décor like that helps to add features of aristocratic interiors, baroque palaces and majestic cathedrals to modern rooms. Classic stucco work is relevant everywhere where status and sophistication are important. Sculptors in cooperation with instaurators collecting décor base and studying legacy of past centuries in the world famous museums and palaces including restoration works for 20 years. We will offer you Samples to choose from and make elements according to historical forms . workshop elements of historical forms.

Классическая лепнина уместна везде
Classic stucco works on the ceiling

Studio works with natural gypsum raw materials. During the years of work we have chosen the most qualitative material for the manufacture of stucco works. We make different patterns, bas-reliefs, stylized blazonry, mould complex elements (rosaces, mascarons). Classic has many faces like strict likes of the Empire style, stucco work with light and romantic theme, celebratory elements that underline the importance of the room. We keep proportions and spatial relationships of verticals and horizontals .

Классическая лепнина уместна везде

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Classic stucco work is relevant everywhere where status and sophistication atmosphere are important
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