Art Nouveau design

Art Nouveau — is a style of art, architecture and applied art . It has emerged in the end of XIX — and the beginning of XX century. It has changed a few time for several decades . French Art Nouveau is — Art Nouveau — smooth, rounded-elongated lines, ornamental, imitating the natural form of plants, muted, « lanquid » colors. Austrian and Scotland styles have strict and geometric constructivist lines .

Using of different elements, accessories, wall paintings and stucco works that are united by the same visual message is common for all the schools of Art Nouveau. It makes decorator’s work harder. It’s necessary to make multi-dimensional but solid composition, in which all the proportions and canonical principles of the style will be kept. Our studio is ready to assume interior design in Art Nouveau and to make authentic space in which it is pleasant and comfortable to be.

Art Nouveau interior style

We have learned to truly recreate the spirit of the age in the modern space while we have been working with original historical examples of stucco work and paintings on restoration of architectural monuments, visiting world-class palaces and museums. We will develop design in Art Nouveau Baroque, Empire, Classicism. We will bring features of antiquity in interior. Decorators of the studio will

  • listen carefully to the costumer’s wishes and express them in sketches;
  • pick up decorative elements, which are relevant for the interior and unite works of different specialists of different fields (sculptors, artists, gilders) in a single space;
  • maintain balance of saturation and visual lightness.

We use historical stucco work forms, visual technics that are typical for the period. The result of cooperation with us is — professionally designed and implemented, reliable and solid interior. Solution for any request can be found in our catalogue.

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    Painting walls French living room interior
    Painting and fireplace in the living room
    The interior of living room in French classic style
    The interior of classical style with a large mirror and gilded stucco
    Pool with elements of Baroque and gold leaf gilding
    The pool in the Baroque style
    Painting the pool in the Baroque style
    The main staircase is decorated with paintings almaney
    Painting the walls of the Grand staircase
    Concise piece of wood in the design of the staircase
    A complex painting in the interior staircase
    Painting a ceiling light in Empire style
    Interior stairs with painted walls and ceiling light
    The mosaics and the fresco in the interior of the dressing room
    Eclecticism in the design of the dressing room
    Luxurious bright living room interior
    Living room with ceiling lighting and large Windows
    Classic living room with exclusive interior
    Painting the walls in the living room
    The area in the chic living room
    Huge skylights in the living room
    The Chinese screen in the living room
    Bright classic living room with monumental painting
    Elegant interior living room
    Light classical interior with painted mirrors
    Living room with exclusive painting coving
    The Cabinet in the Empire style with distinctive furnishings
    The Cabinet in the Empire style and blue color

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Art Nouveau is a style of art, architecture and applied art . It has emerged in the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century.
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