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Billiard Room in Moroccan Style

The Moroccan style is original and complex in execution. Due to this it is rarely used, especially for decorating of billiard rooms. Some structural features of the room could also be a problem when decorating. However, designers, cabinet makers, decorators, gilders have coped with the task, and the Moroccan-style Interior has completely transformed the room without windows and with low ceilings.


Billiard room decorated in Moroccan style
Low billiard room is decorated in the Moroccan style. Oriental motifs are noticeable in the mural paintings, arch-shaped apertures, decorative elements and lamps

Oriental Motifs

A room with small height required to be turned into advantage in such way that the ceiling would not push and there would no feeling of closed space. And it has been succeeded to do so by using decorative techniques and lighting fixtures. We will focus on these features. To balance the dark decoration of walls, light color has been chosen for floors. This technique and special lighting have served to create the effect of a starlit night.

As a rule, special lighting is placed over the billiard tables. Classics of the genre are long pendant lighting fixtures with lots of plafonds. But the ceiling height is insufficient to arrange such backlighting. The designers have found a way out. The ceiling spotlights create required light field over the table.

Fine relief made of plaster is laid out with clear geometric simplicity. But at the same time, such ornament has been selected, that it changes reality and does not diminish the pattern, since the height of the room does not allow seeing the whole perspective of the ceiling in the right foreshortening. Gilding with imitation gold leaf has served to create the shining paths, which neutralize the dark color of the ceiling.

Billiard room decorated in Moroccan style
The horseshoe-shaped arch with masterful carvings unites the billiard room with the living room

Classic colors of this Oriental style have been selected for decoration: royal blue, red, which have become a remarkable complement to dark brown walls, ceiling and beige floors. It is impossible to imagine the Moroccan-style Interior without the elements of the floral-theme mural painting. It accentuates the form and the borders of the billiard table and gives the room interesting, saturated color features.

Richly decorated horseshoe-shaped arches create with the living room a single space for relaxation. They balance the geometrically precise pattern of the ceiling and the large aperture that unites the billiard room with the relaxation area, and bring plastic lines in the Interior. Oriental-style lamps and vases decorate and enrich the Interior.

In the project  “Living Room in Moroccan Style”, the decoration principle, which gives an aerial perspective and raises the ceiling, is described in more detail. Arches and large apertures unite two rest areas: for relaxation and for active pastime.

Unusual combination of color décor of the floors and ceilings, arrangement of lighting fixtures have served to bring the Moroccan-style Interior to life. In addition, the designers and decorators have disguised the shortcomings and given the room a fabulous mystique.

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    Billiard room decorated in Moroccan style
    Billiard room decorated in Moroccan style
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Low billiard room is decorated in the Moroccan style. Oriental motifs are noticeable in the mural paintings, arch-shaped apertures, decorative elements and lamps
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