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Three Halls So Similar and Different

For the hall would not turn into a banal room, that receives the guests with the sad view, the craftsmen use a variety of techniques of decoration, which become iconic elements, it can be a fine sculpture, Trompe l’oeil mural painting or other dominant item. This does not mean that they must collect all the riches of the history of architecture, and fit in the same space. Just one or two elements, in order the Interior to begin anew.

Декорирование холла иллюзорной росписью
The hall is decorated with Trompe l’oeil mural paintings, which have become the basic decorative element of the Interior

Airy Trompe L’oeil Mural Painting

The basic coloration of the room is snow white: walls, marble flooring, upholstered furniture, stairs bearing elements. It is subtly diluted with highly artistic marble décor in the relaxation area, and with steps.

The room could look too monotone, but the masters-decorators have created light Trompe l’oeil mural painting. The composition is built on the theme and color contrast to the basic decoration and coloration of the Interior. As a result, the painting has become the basic element and the rest of the décor complements the unusual, near-open to exterior environment, space.

Холл с росписью и скульптурой
Sculpture in the classical hall is compounded with Trompe l’oeil mural paintings into a single decorative composition

Sculpture in Interior

This Interior has some similarities with the previous option. It features Trompe l’oeil mural paintings, but there is a significant difference. The marble sculpture is turned into advantage so that the impression of three-dimensional drawing is being created. This is facilitated by correctly arranged backlighting, which sets the necessary accents, makes painting “alive” as if backlighted by soft sunlight beams. The marble floors do not distract attention from the artistic composition.

Light beige walls and ceiling are decorated with snow white stucco moldings. Ceiling painting is fine, almost monochrome, does not distract from the basic elements. This can be said as well about other structural elements: doorways and staircase.

Classic-Style Order Element

The hall, with all the glory of decoration materials: marble, plaster stucco moldings, fine gilding of the doors, interesting lighting fixtures, has its own architectural feature: significant decline of the ceiling at the vanishing point. Since the high entrance area is being substantially reduced, there was a need to decorate the Classic-style Interior in a right way so that to unload the ceiling.

An ideal option, proved by millenniums has been chosen: Classic-style columns. Laconic capital does not overload the ceiling and the vertical columns made of artificial marble visually increase the room height. The chosen color scheme is an additional advantage. Dark marble steps smoothly merge into lighter columns, the capital is painted in the same color as the ceiling. Due to this, smooth transition between floor and ceiling is arranged. Light gamma corresponds to the intended use of the room. The hall does not dominate, rather, is the initial accord of the status room.

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Mural painting hall in classic style
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