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Stucco molding

Stucco molding

Palaces and temples, mansions and historic houses of the past had décor made of plaster. Our craftsmen have knowledge of the principles of Classic-style decoration. Special education, visiting historical buildings, museums in Russia and abroad, exploring literature on special subjects, own experience help to balance the plaster stucco molding décor with the overall decoration of the rooms and buildings. Since 1997, we have been developing our own stucco molding base line, due to this we promptly produce the required number of elements, including for large objects, of any complexity.

Currently, custom-made stucco moldings are indispensable when decorating exclusive interiors. In this case, we arrange all stages of works: designing, production, installation. Plaster stucco moldings perform various tasks: underline the selected style, serve to balance the ratio of the ceilings and walls by using friezes, rods, visually to remove transition between the wall and the ceiling by using a wide border, to underline the beauty of chandelier by using a rosette.

In case if restoration of stucco moldings is necessary, the craftsmen will explore the remaining parts and recreate the age-old beauty piece by piece.

The catalogue and portfolio represent a small part of our works, but this gives a possibility to assess the level of skill when performing complex works.

We speak English! You can also place an order for gilding by phone or email.

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