Заказать реставрацию лепнины из гипса, ремонт лепного декора - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Ancient palaces, historical buildings as well as modern houses, offices, hotels and banks decorated in the Classic style, require restoration of stucco moldings from time to time. The company "Park Zodchy" makes the complex restoration of decorative stucco elements in order to return them attractiveness.

molding cornice before restoration

Restoration works are divided into several important stages:

  • Research and analyse of damage. This helps to create the lost items, which will be fully comply with the style and compositional peculiarities of stucco moldings.
  • Consideration of the historical period of decor creation, when each epoch had its own peculiarities.
  • Dismounting of the damaged items.
  • Sketching and drawing for manufacture of casting forms.
  • In some cases, we do additional manual gypsum coating, which allows restore the small items.
  • Casting of stucco moldings and safely mounting at strictly determined place.
cast of plaster cornice before restoration

Such approach allows us to restore the decor with amazing accuracy. Restoration of stucco moldings by the company "Park Zodchy" is the talent, the creative work of artists and fine art restorers together with skills and love of beauty.