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Gilding in the interior

Gilding in the interior

Gilded plaster stucco moldings and Interior items make the rooms solemnly elegant. Depending on the style selected by the craftsman, “Park Zodchy” Studio’s gilders can perform different types of gilding: matte, aged, glossy, with crazings (little cracks that give the age-old charm to surfaces). Leaf gilding is laborious and complex process. Our craftsmen apply methods of the past and own best practices: use modern materials, special technologies which improve the quality of the coating, thus allowing reduction in price. As a result, gilding in the Interior decorates the rooms for long. This requires the correct sequence of preparatory works: preservation treatment with special primer coatings, polishes with obligatory cleaning each layer by using small abrasive cloth. Then, golden leaves are applied to the prepared and lacquered stucco moldings or decoration parts.

In some cases, the masters-gilders coat plaster stucco moldings with silver-leaf or artificial “potal” gold (mixture of tin and brass), which helps to reduce the cost of the project. Golden and silver decoration gives exquisite grandeur, emphasizes the status of each room. We do unique gilding. The craftsmen create imitation of the age-old antiquity; gilding, combined with color tints; gilding for further painting. Different technologies: glue, mordant, instacoll are applied, so that gilding by artificial “potal” gold or gold leaf would give the necessary effect and decorate the room.

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