Заказать эксклюзивный гипсовый декор интерьера - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

The palaces and castles were adorning of stucco moldings for thousands years; it gives them the majesty, beauty and special adornment. Talented masters of the company "Park Zodchy" create an exclusive stucco decoration of gypsum plaster, which can change any room magically.

apartment decor with plaster stucco
Decor apartments a gypsum stucco molding walls and ceiling gave symbolic elements

Stucco moldings, created under the inspiration of antiquity is a luxurious decor. Various options of production techniques allow us to produce the exclusive decor:

  • Precisely imitate the stucco moldings of magnificent palaces of the Baroque, Classicism, Empire, etc.
  • Adapt rich options to current realities.
  • Make exclusive handmade stucco moldings, which attract attention and make an unforgettable decor.
decor from plaster stucco on the ceiling

Stucco moldings is using for windows decoration, such an elegant frame becomes excellent replacement of traditional woodcarving. In the classic version, wall painting looks gorgeous with plaster friezes decoration. Coffered ceilings remarkably emphasize the Classic style and allow visually increase the height of the rooms.

The company "Park Zodchy", creating stucco decoration made of gypsum plaster, do their best to make luxury beauty and unique quality.