Художественная ручная роспись интерьера - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Masters of the company Park Zodchij create a fantastic interior painting, which becomes the final stage of creating a stylish image of the room. Artists of the company Park Zodchij create masterpieces, which do wonders:

  • Radically change the parameters and space boundaries.
  • Blank walls and narrow corridors with the help of Trompe l'oeil painting change into "Spanish Narrow Street", cozy garden, seashore, columned hall.
  • By unusual way, they mask the structural deficiencies in the architecture.
  • Become a basic element, around which is forming total decoration of all rooms.
Alfrean ceiling painting in a classic interior
Ceiling painting looks like a contrast nuance of the Interior

Because of the extraordinary plasticity of the painting, it "revives" quite ordinary rooms, makes them majestic, elegant, pleasant, depending on the wishes of the customers.

Renaissance wall art painting
The painting is made in the same color scheme to the wall

The unique features can give the interior painting, made by the artist of the company Park Zodchij, to various homes, premises. To create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, to "give" the fairy tale to children’s room, to emphasize the atmosphere of relaxation and rest in the pool, to give the living room more festive appearance, to the kitchen (through psychological effects of certain colours) the ability to improve appetite and aid in weight loss. A special technique and talent do wonders.