Роспись стен в интерьере - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

The interior painting and interior pictural art will help remarkably enrich and organize the interior space. They serve not only as decoration, but are able completely change the visual perception, attract attention and emphasize status.

The artist performs painting on the wall
The artist performs a murals on the wall

The company Park Zodchij using painting and pictural art helps to form a unique style of the interior of buildings. Our artists work in variety of styles, trends and create exclusive options:

  • On the walls.
  • On the ceiling.
  • On the vaults.
  • On the arch.
  • On the canvas.
Wall and ceiling painting in baroque style
Painting on the Greek landscape

As a result, painting and pictural art of the interior is perfectly combined with other decor items, furniture, and, in fact, are the basis for the creation of interesting design projects of various directions and styles. This allows room become unique.

The artists work in a variety of styles and they are able to recreate the palatial luxury, emphasize exquisite of Minimalism, recreate plastic Art Nouvea or majestic Empire. At the same time, ethnic and modern trends have not gone unnoticed. The company Park Zodchij creates an attractive design of space that attract attention and make a lasting impression on all.