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Mural in the interior

Mural in the interior

Classic-style mural paintings in the Interior transform and change the rooms: they make large ones more comfortable, “enlarge” small ones. We develop mural paintings based on the intended purpose of a room. Artists create monumental and ornamental grisaille paintings for the Interior, Trompe l’oeil paintings for ceilings and walls. We adopt the world experience: visit palaces and museums in different countries, this helps to transpeciate your rooms. Currently, the artists have performed the wall mural paintings in the Interior of 3 manors, 32 villas and 1 private palace.

Different techniques are used: Trompe l’oeil technique is able to “dissolve” the ceilings and walls; Classic-style technique, without which it is impossible to create the Empire style. Fine, ornate technique complements the Baroque style; flexible technique, with floristic notes wonderfully corresponds to the style of Modernism; allegories are complementary to the Rococo; ornaments adorn any style. 

Artists explore books, techniques for performing mural paintings on the walls of old houses, castles, palaces and apply artistic techniques in modern interiors. Often artistic mural paintings in the Interior become indispensable in the effort to level up the ceilings, to turn falling walls in the attic-floor rooms into advantage. Trompe l’oeil mural paintings are created in the effort to expand the walls and hide the doors, thus the artists apply this technique to remove the feeling of a closed space. The rooms are turned into open porches, acquire the panorama of the old or fairy town. We are ready to create such artistic mural paintings for you.

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