Золочение дерева - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Royal Lodge, aristocratic furniture and the pretentious interior items decorated with gold, can emphasise the chosen stylistic design direction or become interior items that attracts attention. Gilders of the company "Park Zodchy" elevate wood gilding to an art.

Gilding of elements of the wood marquetry bureau
Wooden table with gilded panels and legs

Masters scrupulously research the material (wood species) before beginning the work and perform a special preliminary treatment of the surface:

  • The surface is cleaning.
  • Shellac is laying, able to fill even the smallest pores of the wood.
  • Degreasing.
  • Carefully apply the priming coat.
  • Depending on the desired result is applying the oil with golden ochre, adhesive with chalk powder or liquid glass.
Fragment of boiserie with gilding and alfrey painting

Objects covered with gold become presentable, majestic or admirable, long lasting.

Depending on the customer wishes and the project concept, the wood gilding is made by imitation of gold, patina, bronze, silver. Unusual effect becomes after lacquering of finished surface. In this case, the details obtain exquisite volume.