Decor country houses - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Our team pays special attention to country houses decor, because it is necessary to develop not just a nice interior, but also to organize a special comfort and convenience to each family member. In this case, we can combine that seemingly cannot be combined: the classic luxury for the older generation and modern elegancy for young generation. Whereby, interesting details are completed and intertwined, creating a unique image of the house.

Illusionary Painting Project
An example of realization of the project and country house decor

The ideal environment for the house can be only in the case, when the preferences and wishes of all family members, without any exception, will be taken into account. The company “Park Zodchy” develops the country houses decor, which combines elegancy and modern comfort.

Each project there results as the exclusive and extremely beautiful, because is creating solely with the positive thinking, multiplied by the talent and respect for the customer’s wishes. All is included: favourite colour scale, a list of necessary rooms and even comfort for the pets.

Illusionary Painting Project
Creation and implementation of the project of decoration in a classic style

We are able to recreate the palatial luxury of Baroque and strict grandeur of Classic style, elegancy of Rococo and lightness of Art Nouveau. Every detail fits harmoniously into the modernity. Obligatorily, the location of the house is taking into account. The house will fit harmonically into the surrounding landscape and will not be a foreign element.

The talented decorators of the company Park Zodchij show their top performance: country houses decor remarkably combines exquisite preferences of the older generation, avant-garde trends of the young generation and dreams of fairy tale of the kids.