Проектирование декора коттеджа - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Developing the projects, designers try to combine the customer wishes, family traditions and household gods. Thus, there is a wonderful mix of convenience, style, modernity and special comfort for each family member. Beautiful tandem of the customer and the designer allows us to create the home of your dreams.

Golden living room project and photo implementation
Сottage decor using gilded moldings, furniture and fittings

New construction or replanning requires an individual cottage decor project. The company Park Zodchij realize the customer desires. Our designers can create:

  • Majestic castle.
  • Palace of Greek epoch.
  • Comfortable chalet.
  • Add the French Empire style motifs.
  • or recreate the strict English Classic interiors.
Painting and plafond project
Decor room using ceiling paintings and a gypsum moldings

There are as many options as the customers. What is more important, we do not blindly copy the architects of the past centuries. Filigree combined stylish elements of classic interiors with modern technological innovations, the construction industry, without which a comfortable life is impossible. Otherwise, televisions, kitchen appliances, security systems, sanitary engineering would look strange and would be a blot on the overall home entourage.

Certainly, we take into account the surrounding landscape and peculiarities of topography that allows us to fit the cottage into the surrounding landscape harmoniously.

We do not approve the usage of ready-made projects, because in this case the identity of the customer is lost, and it makes impossible to take into account all the needs and preferences. The company Park Zodchij always develops exclusive cottage decor project for each particular family.