Проект декора квартиры - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Decorators of the company perform a truly filigree during the development of apartment projects. For the lovers of Classical elegancy and beauty is selected American direction, because it is difficult to create a "copy" of palatial interiors in small spaces with low ceiling heights. However, at the same time, expensive details, stucco moldings and painting will help to expand the space and make the apartments exclusively chic.

Warm living room decor project
Sketch apartment decor

The apartment is the place, where you rejoice at your success, where you hide out from the problems and inclement weather, where you spend pleasant moments in the circle of your loved ones. In addition, living in the house will be a pleasure to you, if the creative specialists of the company “Park Zodchy” will develop the apartment decor project.

Fashion trends and elements of Classic design, interesting planning and convenience, using of modern materials and comfort are combining into one great comfortable accommodation.

Bedroom design in pastel colors
Examples apartments interior decor projects

Talent and inspiration of designers create in our bustling world islands of exquisite beauty and cosiness, where is a pleasure to relax and have fun, find time for family and friends, create "masterpieces" in the kitchen and spend time in front of the fireplace.

Apartments, which have relatively low ceilings, require filigree, and using the painting or Classical elements we can visually "raise" up the ceilings, extend the walls, and "let" more air into the room.

Designers of the company “Park Zodchy” create complex and multifaceted decor projects for apartments, which include the national peculiarities, customer tastes, quadrature of premises, provide original replanning to achieve the highest comfort and convenience.