Позолота лепнины - Studio Decor Park Zodchy

Luxury and magnificence, elegancy and grandeur, such an effect gives gilding of stucco moldings. Masters of the company "Park Zodchy" apply various techniques of gilding and due to this create unique interiors with exquisite finishing. It is impossible to imagine the design of grand Classic style, the epoch of artistic and intellectual rise – the Renaissance, pretentious Baroque, elegant Rococo, massive Empire and plastic Eclecticism without gilding of the stucco moldings. 

Gilding of gypsum modulons
Cover sheets of of gilding to the cornice with modillions

Gilders with the help of centuries-old secrets of the masters, by unusual way bring to the room palatial splendour and light. Different technics and materials are applied:

  • Potala.
  • Imitation of gilt.
  • Mond gold.
  • Leaf gold.
Stucco portal with gilding above the fireplace

Having a perfect understanding of variety styles features, masters can recreate the historic interiors. However, at the same time, a sense of proportion and artistic taste helps change even the small rooms. By fragmentary gilding is creating bright and festive elements as well as emphasizing of the winning combination.

Gilders of the company Park Zodchij change unrecognizably the ordinary stucco molding and make from it a work of art.