What arises in your mind hearing the word palace? Gilded stucco moldings, furniture and interior items. The company "Park Zodchy" using gold leaf gives to the quite ordinary decor and interior items a luxurious splendour.

Gold leaf gilding cartouche in the classical style
Gilded cartouche on plaster coving

Gold leaf is real gold, compressed into thin sheets and very convenient for application to various surfaces. An interesting feature of this remarkable material is that decorated objects you may not restore for years, they are undestroyable. With gilding on the surface is forming precious film, which protects material against different corrosion, rot or destructive processes.

Leaf gilt plaster moldings in the bathroom

By using of such method of decoration is emphasizing the status of the owners. Gilders of the company "Park Zodchy" perfectly master the technology of application of gold leaf to the different surfaces. Whereby, the artistic taste and desire to create palatial interior is balanced by a sense of proportion and artistic taste. As a result, rooms acquire stately appearance and decorative objects:

  • Column.
  • Stucco moldings.
  • Lustres.
  • Mirror frames.
  • Doors, furniture, etc.

turn into rare items.

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